5 things you should do every morning if you want to become a morning person

One thing you should know about me is, I’m not naturally a morning person. As I work a 9–5, I have had to adapt to early starts and finding morning habits that work for me having a productive day, as well as getting a good nights sleep. I typically don’t give myself that much time in the morning, so these habits are all not time consuming and can easily be fitted into your morning in under 10 minutes leaving more time to be productive with other tasks.

Drink a glass of water

Before I do anything, before any teas or coffees. I drink a large glass of water or I tend to keep my S’well bottle by my bed because my cats like to dunk their heads in any glasses I leave lying around.

Getting some H20 first thing firstly hydrates you, but it also keeps you alert, fuels your brain and also jumps starts your metabolism and helps your immune system.

Make your bed

I don’t necessarily do the most thorough job and tuck in every corner but I will tidy my bed up so I’m less likely to crawl back into it. Also if you make your bed first thing, that’s already one thing you’ve accomplished in the first 5 minutes of being awake.

The 5 minute sweep around

After I’ve drank my water and rolled out of bed, I head to the kitchen to make a green tea. Whilst I’m waiting for the kettle to boil. I do a 5 minute sweep of my flat tidying up anything that isn’t in it’s place or picking up clothes I’ve inevitably left on the floor instead of the wash basket. This gets me moving and gets my work space clear and saves me 5 minutes of tidying later.

1 minute stretching

I used to promise myself I would do 30 minutes of yoga every night before bed and every morning by the time I had woke up, I didn’t feel I had the time and then I felt rubbish that I slept in late and I didn’t do what I had promised myself. Instead I started challenging myself to 1 minute of stretching. Because who cant spare one minute?

You find doing this technique once your minute is over, you don’t mind doing it an extra minute or two. By doing some stretching you warm up your muscles for the day, it can improve posture and help with aches and pains.

Whilst I wait for my tea to cool down, I head into my front room (where there’s more space) and I do a little stretching. I do a couple of yoga poses and I only make myself do it for one minute. I don’t exactly time it but once I feel stretched out I’ll stop and usually end up doing a good ten minutes but it depends on the day.

Write a to do list

To do lists are the pinnacle of my day. They are how I roughly plan out my days and how I keep myself on target on goals, house work, and other things I need to get done. I tend to bullet journal on my iPad but you can write a to do list on your phone, a notebook or a scrap piece of paper. So long as you remember to check it. To do lists are great for clarity, easing stress and anxiety.

What are your morning habits?

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Lifestyle, mental health and career writer living in Bristol. Find me at www.whatihavewrote.com

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Lifestyle, mental health and career writer living in Bristol. Find me at www.whatihavewrote.com

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